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A simple organizer for your life’s wishes.

Organize important life documents and communicate your choices and wishes so that trusted people can act on your behalf if you are unable to do so.


If we communicate with our loved ones/care partners, they will know our choices if we become unable to make decisions for ourselves.


  • If this KIT is for yourself, comfort may come when your wishes are known and you can trust they will be carried out.

  • If you have received this KIT as a gift, you have an opportunity. Someone in your life already cares enough to help you prepare.

  • It is our vision that adult family members and friends will make the KIT preparation a group project, either in sections or in full,and have fun and get to know each other better.

  • There will come a time to present your KIT to a trusted person. Part of that gift is your hope and the receiver’s promise so that you can say, “… and now you know.”






Tamera O'Guinn, RN

Owner of It’s My Life KIT

Tammy started her nursing career at age 16 as a nursing assistant, then as a RN in 1986. She has worked in all levels of hospital and community-based care homes as a direct care provider, registered nurse, nurse manager and private sector consultant. She holds an associate degree in nursing, a certification in medical foot care, and ongoing coursework in person-centered/trauma-based care, understanding and caring for the LGBTQIA+ community, memory care and mental health care.


Tammy purchased the KIT from dear friends and former co-worker Barbara Passarelli and her husband Jeff. She has seen and felt the struggles of those making financial, life and healthcare decisions throughout her career. Tammy has also seen first hand how the KIT can alleviate the heartache and stress and shorten the time frame of this process. Which is why she purchased the “KIT”.


When not promoting the ”KIT,” Tammy is providing foot care to clients and in their places of residence, volunteering with various non-profit entities working with veterans, and providing free healthcare for the unhoused communities of Cottage Grove, Eugene/Springfield and surrounding areas. For fun and relaxation she enjoys being at home on the Row River working on DIY projects, gardening, thrifting and spending time with her husband John, their two rescue pups Ruby and Benny, and family and friends.



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